It’s ourselves we play with during our life, constantly returning to the question of who we really are and what is reality. The main point of this experience is to get access to hidden/unknown spaces and feelings, to cope with separations and isolation throughout life, to rethink our values and explore them by means of performance, video-art, photography and installations.

While many museums and art galleries are temporary closed, HIDE-AND-SEEK group project, generated and actually opened in a family house in Italy, is reframing the idea of exhibition and can be explored online.

The exhibition tells the stories and challenges the viewers to play integrating online and offline worlds. It’s a game similar to a game the world plays with us all, while we are hiding at home, and where it’s essential to seek and find new answers for the future.

HIDE-AND-SEEK exhibition is a reflection on how we see the present world, experiencing isolation and closed borders, and staying home. Uniting six different artistic views, it claims to uncover the hidden connections between things, including the way we live and think, and serves as a search of better understanding of our common future.

It’s a dialog, an exchange of ideas, an art walk based on a popular children’s game and realized

in a beautiful Italian house surrounded by vineyards.


HIDE-AND-SEEK exhibition has developed from a joyful children's game into a psychological quest, treating the artists’ approach to important issues such as
freedom, isolation, relationship between human and nature, adaptation, reality, and self-concept.

Second Marriage
Second Marriage by Mary Gelman is an art therapy for Anna, who is dealing with infidelity in her marriage. The project is a voyeuristic view on Anna’s life taken via Face Time application. As in silent-film Gelman emphasizes body language, focusing on issues of trauma, shame and self-adaptation, and exploring the boundaries around a relationship.
Maria Koshelenko
My Red Lipstick
My Red Lipstick by Maria Koshelenko started as a courageous journey of a single mother, living in an isolated room. Maria sees red lipstick as a tool with many uses, contrasting with the environment in which she lived. The act of wearing red lipstick to indicate protest is one that is embedded in history. Maria’s project is a way of assertion and support, and a connection with her inner-self.
Safety Screen
Safety Screen installation by Oksana Yushko depicts the links between human and nature. As microcosm reflects the macrocosm, a dark isolated room with the camera obscura mirrors the external nature projecting upside down. Whilst we may be able to escape from isolation in a temporal world behind the ‘screen’, this experience uses as a tool to rethink our relationship with nature.
Process of(r) Adaptation
Process of(r) Adaptation video installation by Anna Malgina is based upon her own perception of home. Anna takes the viewer through repeated testimonies of her integration, documenting a new life in Italy. Thinking of home as a place of safety, comfort, and belonging, she struggles to find this new meaning in reality.
Hiding Places
Hiding Places series by Alexandr Veryovkin takes you to various public and private spaces where people had sex. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Alexander explores how imagination transforms reality and the landscape. Blurring the boundaries, he is able to challenge prescribed identities and interrupt the usual run of things, exploring unseen connections between sex and the space.
Nocturne for The Attic
Irina Lenkova's installation Nocturne for the Attic aims to explore how the perception of things changes using old objects collected at the top of the house and photographs from her archive. The whole world of forgotten treasures and memories hidden in things is waiting for a delicate viewer. Twilight shapes evoke new senses and form new meanings, if we allow ourselves to take a break and just watch.

While the real borders are closed, new collaborations and new forms of interaction are being discovered, changing our habits of art consumption. The current isolation encouraged us to collaborate and to create something unique and valuable.
Mary Gelman
Photographer of VII Photo Agency
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Gelman works as a photojournalist and a teacher. She explores the larger world through close personal narratives. She focuses on a study of issues of gender and body, boundary and identity, discrimination and the human relationship with the environment. Gelman is a recipient of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award, Pictures of the Year, Portraits-Hellerau Photography Award, Istanbul Photo Awards, Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest.

Maria Koshelenko
Photographer and Mediartist
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Koshelenko studied photography at the FotoDepartament.Institute (Saint-Petersburg) and in the New York School of Photography. She was exhibited with her project ’Following the path of classics and beauty’ at the Gallery ‘Intimnoe mesto’ (2017). Maria showed her art work based on analog photography at the 2nd Photobiennalle in the Russian Museum (2011).
Irina Lenkova
Lenkova works with photography, performance and whatever more medium that takes to get her ideas across. In her artistic practice, Irina explores themes of emotions, feelings, body and movement. She has participated in a number of art shows and festivals, including Athens Photo Festival (2019), Photobookshow during NIDA International Photography Symposium (2019), 2nd Worldwide Flat and Studio Biennale (2019), 6.Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (2018).

Anna Malgina
Pordenone, Italy
Malgina is a graduate specialist in film studies and a Master of Arts. She studied photography at the FotoDepartament.Institute (Saint-Petersburg) and the School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc (Saint-Petersburg), participated in various international and local workshops. Initially, Anna addresses the issues of film history aesthetics and cinematographic touch in photography. Currently, Anna has expanded her interests, artistically considering topics of alternative scenarios of the past, memories by using archives and analog photography. Since she moved to Italy, she is developing migration and adaptation topics.

Alexander Veryovkin
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Veryovkin graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Saint-Petersburg State University. Studied at the faculty of photojournalism by Galperin, Fotodepartament, Pro Arte foundation. Alexandr took part in various exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Norilsk, Kaliningrad, Syktyvkar, Krasnoyarsk, Minsk, Amsterdam. In 2015 he was a participant of AiR Barents art residency, in 2017 took part in the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of contemporary art. Solo exhibitions were held in Fotodepartament (Saint-Petersburg) and Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow).

Oksana Yushko
Photographer and Visual Artist
Moscow, Russia
Yushko's approach combines documentary studies, sociology and anthropology, while her practice expands to different media including photography, video, and installations. Yushko’s work investigates the aftermath of conflicts and tragedies, relationships between human and nature, focuses on the topics of collective and private memory, ecology and biopolitics.
Her work has been exhibited and published internationally, and held in public and private collections, including Luma Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow Multimedia Art Museum, etc.
Yushko has received numerous awards including Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles 2017, NPPA 2015, Prix Bayeux Calvados 2014, BURN 2013, Lens Culture Award 2011, among others.



HIDE-AND-SEEK exhibition is open and can be explored online via Airbnb platform. This experience is a worthy alternative for those wanting to explore new art works from the safety of home.

A virtual tour via Airbnb platform
The interactive tour lets you get up close to the place from inside, and take a trip through HIDE-AND-SEEK exhibition based on a popular children’s game. Let’s play.

Duration: 1 hour
Group size: up to 10 people
Virtual visit: hideandseekartfromhome@gmail.com
Without leaving where you are, you will explore artworks that feature in the virtual tour and find out:
How to give our love another go · Could we actually cross the border without leaving where we are now? · What is self-concept? · Where people usually have sex? · What is the best playlist for dancing naked in the Vineyard? · How we interact with our past and future? · What is nature?

During the tour you will listen to the artists' talks and walk through the exhibition with a mediator. The experience will end with a Q&A session.
Hosted in English, Russian, Italian

We will guide you to our site -specific art exhibition in a beautiful family house, surrounded by vineyards. It looks like countryside, so calm and quiet, yet still close to the city center.
The old Italian 1950s house has been renovated and decorated with antique and hand-made furniture. Bedrooms, halls, an attic and a kitchen have been transformed into a gallery, exhibiting art in a very different setting.
Each project has been created for each particular exhibition space in the house, which would has never been achieved in a normal life.
Welcome to Pordenone!

June 24, 2020
On June 24th, we opened the doors to the HOUSE, both literary and virtually, presenting our Experiential Art to the audience. Launched in June 2020, HIDE-AND-SEEK Online Exhibition in collaboration with AirBnb Online Experiences unlocks unprecedented access to new forms of art traveling for new audiences across the world.
April - May 2020
Specially for the exhibition, each artist has designed a series of new and old work responding and reflecting on life before and during COVID-19. With museums still under lockdown and people hardly leaving home, opening up the exhibition to new audiences became the main idea.
April 2020
Participating in the Groups of Changes led by Fotodepartament Institute in Russia, we are looking for new forms and ethics for effective collaboration in the international field of photography.
March 2020
Since March we have been meeting via Zoom at least twice a week. In this new era of extreme pandemic threat, new forms of cooperation are essential for an effective response.
The next day and time for the HIDE-AND-SEEK ZOOM Experience (in English) will be announced soon.

Please send us your email below if you would like to participate:
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For any inquiries and proposals, please contact us here
For more information about the virtual visit, please contact

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